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Hi! Nice to meet you. My ​name is Esmée Doppenberg, ​a 24-year-old content ​creator from The ​Netherlands. After studying ​Audiovisual Design and ​Online Content Creation, I ​started working as a Social ​Media Manager and UGC ​Creator.

I would describe my style as ​clean and detailed. With my ​background in social media ​marketing and content ​creation, I capture your ​product/service from both ​perspectives.

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Product usage

Client: Salt Lab

Concept: Get unready with me with ​Salt Lab as part of your routine.

Client: Atolea Jewelry

Concept: An unboxing of the ​jewelry of Atolea.

Example video

Concept: A product video where the ​Clay and Glow Avocado Mask is ​shown in an aesthetic way.

Client: Beautysalon Roos

Concept: Show the laser therapy ​against acne in a beauty salon.



Example video

Concept: GRWM for a beach day ​with LOAVIES.

Example video

Concept: POV: you’ve found the ​perfect spring tank top.

Client: Atolea Jewelry

Concept: An OOTD that shows how ​you would style our jewelry.

Client: NIVÓ Sunglasses

Concept: An unboxing of the VERA ​sunglasses.



Client: KILROY Nederland

Concept: A recap of the trip I ​booked with KILROY.

Client: KILROY Nederland

Concept: My 5 tips and tricks to get ​the most out of your trip to New ​Zealand.

Client: KILROY Nederland

Concept: A review video of my ​experience with KILROY.

Example video

Concept: Get ready with me in the ​hotelroom in Hawaii.



Client: Promodukties

Concept: Show the Brand Activation ​Campaign of the new denim store ​Lee x Wrangler in Amsterdam.

Client: Frites uit Zuyd

Concept: A recap of the party after ​the premiere of the movie ‘Kwestie ​van Geduld’.

Client: CBR x Promodukties

Concept: Show the campaign of ​CBR raising awareness about ​driving under influence.

Client: Bodewes Fashion

Concept: Show our new collection ​for the Digital Fashion Week.



UGC photography

Concept: Show the product in an ​aesthetic way.



Client: S’HAAR, Tess Kappers and ​Beautysalon Roos

Concept: Photograph our company ​in a way that showcases our ​professionalism and makes ​customers feel welcome in the salon.



Atolea Jewelry Product/fashion UGC

‘‘Thank you very much for the videos that ​you created for us, we love it and we want ​to ask you about the possibility of another ​collaboration immediately!’’

Salt Lab Product UGC

‘‘Looks amazing! Thanks so much x’’

Kapsalon S’HAAR Social media management, photography, branding

‘‘So happy with it! Really recommend it.’’

Babycoach Marianne Brochure and website design

‘‘You know and feel what someone needs and ​truly deliver what you promise!! Very satisfied!!’’

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